I’ve had this conversation with practice owners probably five hundred times.

They’re down.

They’re frustrated.

Things aren’t working.

Me: “Okay, where were you this time last year?”

Them: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Go check. It’ll be worth it.”


Me: “Okay, so, where were you this time last year?”

Them: “My practice is three times bigger now compared to last year!”

What Good is Progress if You Don’t See It?

I can’t believe how common this is.

It’s like we’ve been trained to use our minds to be perpetually unhappy – even when things are going well!

And the answer is so simple it’s maddening.

All you have to do is compare apples to apples. Get your actual numbers for number of clients, number of sessions, income, profit. Any one of those will do, all of them would be even better.

And then, just compare this month to a previous month.

That previous month could be six months ago, a year ago, last month…all sorts of comparisons can be helpful depending on how long you’ve been fighting to grow your practice and how intense your feelings of frustration are right now.

Your Practice Numbers Tell the Definitive Tale of Your Hard Work

If you’ve been working hard at the right things for a period of time, you WILL experience growth.

Effective Strategies + Hard Work + Consistency Over Time = Success

However, our minds will try to convince us that the sky is falling – even when we’re having our best month ever.

The only true antidote to this mental chokehold is to go back over the actual facts, the actual numbers, and compare where you are now to a previous point where you used to be.

Make Your Progress Visible

Growing is FUN.

Learning is FUN.

Becoming more capable and successful is FUN.

Why deprive yourself of the enjoyment that comes with a job well done?

Don’t let your mind push you around. Instead, fight back with science. (Or, in this case, a little business accounting.)

Learn How to Grow – And How to Enjoy It, Too

After helping well over 1,000 practice owners from across North America, I’m confident in saying that we can help you if you have any interest in growing on any level – financially, professionally, or personally.

If you are hungry to grow and willing to do the work, we’d love to learn more about you and what you do.

Book a call with one of our practice growth experts today and let’s talk.

Let us personally help you triple, quadruple, or even 10x your client base – while equipping you with the tools and skills required to grow a therapy practice in the 21st century.


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