Networking as a Helping Professional

Networking as a Helping Professional

Let’s be honest: hardly anyone enjoys networking.

Unfortunately, it’s part of growing your practice.

Networking as a helping professional only adds another, more complicated layer. How do you sell your services while still remaining ethical? Genuine? Confidential?

This is where Relationship Building comes in.

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Say What You Need to Say – with a winning Writer’s Choice page

Say What You Need to Say – with a winning Writer’s Choice page

What’s on your mind? Sticking in your craw? Screaming to get out to the world?

Time to get out the cleaning supplies, paint, and bunting and get the old soapbox in tip-top shape – because your Writer’s Choice page is exactly the place to get it all out there.

Don’t forget that your website is like a prism pointing back to the same center: the genuine essence of you, your expertise, your practice, and your ideal clients.

Every facet has a purpose and – like the Home, About, FAQ, and Specialties and Services – a specific job.

The Writer’s Choice page lets you express what’s important, even vital, to your clients but doesn’t quite fit anywhere else!

It’s a chance to see you from a new angle or perspective. So,…what’s the word?

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Gratitude is the Antidote to Failure

Gratitude is the Antidote to Failure

Growing a private practice locates you squarely in the entrepreneurial world.

You go from being a therapist to being an entrepreneur with a specialty in therapy.

This may sound like a small shift. It isn’t. It’s an enormous identity transformation.

Being an entrepreneur puts you in direct contact with reality in a way that’s very different from being an employee or a contractor in someone else’s venture.

One of the big reasons many people never set out on their own to build their own practice is the fear of failure.

Failure is a concept rooted in a non-entrepreneurial perspective on the world.

If entrepreneurs feared failure or beat themselves up after a given failure, they’d never get very far. Because “failure” is part and parcel of the entrepreneurial adventure.

Actually, to go back to the quote that I started with here: failure has nothing to do with it.

Instead of failure, reframe your trips and falls as learning and watch what happens.

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Avoid Time Management and Do This Instead

Avoid Time Management and Do This Instead

You’ve likely heard of the metaphor of a “fish in water.” The fish doesn’t realize water is there because the water is its entire reality. Water is all the fish has ever known.

And so, the fish is unconscious of this phenomenon of “water.”

Now, the next leap your mind probably wants to make is to draw a parallel here.

“Fish is to water” as “A human being is to…” ??

What should go next?

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Going from Solo to Group Practice: 3 Steps to Know If You’re Ready to Make the Leap

Going from Solo to Group Practice:
3 Steps to Know If You’re Ready to Make the Leap

As our clients succeed and their practices take off, we often hear the question: “Now what?”

For many successful solo practice owners, the most obvious next step is to bring in additional practitioners and start building a group practice.

Now, this isn’t the right step for everyone.

The simplicity of having a solo practice that’s full and successful is quite wonderful. Doing well financially while helping a full slate of clients improve their lives can be unbelievably fulfilling for many practitioners.

However, there are some who crave additional growth, more income, more impact. And for them, a group practice is a logical next step.

Before you rush out to start adding practitioners (and all the attendant expenses that come with more staff), make sure you’re ready by confirming that you have completed the following three steps.

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The #1 Secret to Successful Practice Marketing

The #1 Secret to Successful Practice Marketing

We’ve all been stuck in a conversation at a dinner party or cocktail hour and found ourselves desperately wanting to escape from our conversation mate.

They drone on and on (and on) about themselves with no end in sight.

We try to get a word in somewhere, anywhere…but at the first sign of our intent to guide the conversation away from the person in question, they quickly seize control and return to talking about themselves.

When this happens in conversation, we get bored, we get frustrated, we might even get angry. And, as soon as we can, we run in the opposite direction.

If self-focus is such an obviously bad strategy in conversation, why does that same strategy become the primary marketing approach most therapists and other wellness practitioners use in their marketing?

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It’s Time to Look Right at Your Practice’s Numbers

It’s Time to Look Right at Your Practice’s Numbers

It gnaws at you.

That itchy feeling that you’re slowly drowning.

Racing in place just to keep from falling behind.

It’s over there in the corner glaring at you.

But looking at it is the last thing you want to do.

Some days, you just keep your hands over your eyes so you don’t look.

Other days, you wear a blindfold to guarantee you won’t accidentally take a peek.

You are genuinely scared of seeing the stark reality of your practice’s finances.

Stop looking away.

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Did You Build Your Practice on a Foundation of Sand?

Did You Build Your Practice on a Foundation of Sand?

This morning, I was speaking with a successful student of ours. He recounted his experience around the middle of March.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, he prepared for, in his words, “catastrophic contraction” in his practice.

He lowered his expectations.

Tightened his financial belt.

So, what happened?

Did the catastrophic contraction he expected come to pass?

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