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“I’m completely full with the clients that I want at this point. It happened pretty quickly.

– Amy Bucciarelli

“I’ve cut back my days to 3 days, sometimes 4 days a week. Just from that caseload, I’m at a place where I can be comfortable financially and I’m spending more time with my son who’s now 2 years old.”

– Krystel Doudera

“I didn’t know that TPA was going to be as life-changing and useful – just really practical and useful.

There’s an opportunity here if you are ready.”

– Kathleen Joseph

“I see about 25 to 28 clients a week. I’ve raised my rate three times since joining TPA. I’ve quadrupled my income…

It’s life-changing.

– Melissa Merelas

“The whole theme of TPA was: ‘You’re responsible for this.’ And that really woke me up…

It is 100% worth every penny.”

– Sherira Fernandes

“I went from a handful of clients to a full functioning caseload for myself. I was able to resign from my full-time job. Honestly, I never looked back – never missed a beat financially. And it’s been the best decision of my life.

– Leslie Becton

“We have 3 young kids. It’s been tough as a mental health professional. Especially in Virginia, where you kind of do it out of the goodness of your heart at times. I had done that for 12 years, and I was just kind of done. So we did TPA and never looked back.

– Katie Walkley

“It was probably the best decision I’ve ever made.”

“The words are true: Therapy Practice Accelerator. Because it certainly did accelerate – beyond even what I thought would be a possibility.

– Brittany Greer

“I never worry about waiting around for my clients to come to me. I feel in control of it. My growth potential is unlimited based on the number of hours I want to work or if I want to start a group practice – any of those are now options for me. It’s all up to me. TPA gave me all those options.

– Rachel Hipp

“During the thick of TPA, my practice shot up to 40 clients. And it was a nightmare for me because I was like ‘Whoa, I have a hiring problem now. I need to bring some people in.”

– Rich Yeager

“I’m always asking ‘Am I full?’ because I have this thing where I’m always wanting to accept new people who need your help. But I am running anywhere from 20 to 24 sessions in a 3-day week.

– Blair Edgar

“When I started TPA, I barely had any clients on a weekly basis…and now I have a full practice. I’m seeing 25, sometimes it goes up to 30, clients a week. And they’re all paying full price.”

– Janet Hoffman

“I don’t know where else I would get such a “business side of a therapy practice” learning – other than this program.”

– Addie Michlitsch

“Most of what I did with TPA is now just kind of running itself. My practice is constantly full.

– Gavin Cross

“TPA had all the tools I was looking for.”

– Anne Gustafson

“It was very much like a water spout. If I would turn the water on more, more clients would come. So I felt that I was able to get to where I wanted to, honestly, as fast as I wanted to depending on how much I was willing to invest in myself.

– Nick Sanchez

“When I started with TPA, I decided that if I didn’t do something different, I was going to get a job – NOPE, that did not happen. My income exponentially grew, and I took more vacations… It just exploded.

– Elise Rodriguez

“What I loved about TPA is the step-by-step process. It really is easy to follow.

(It is not easy to do the work, but it IS easy to follow it.) “

– Joanna Cutler

Client Celebrations!

“I have three young kids and I can really just be so flexible. So, for me, it’s just brought me so much joy that I don’t have this employer hanging over my head. It’s been an awesome feeling to work for myself.

– Amy Mentrasti

“It actually works for you to get clients – which of course you need to do – but getting the right clients for you that you can actually deliver huge amounts of value to. It was honestly very joyful to learn how to do that well.

– Sean O’Dell

“For me, the structure really helped in having a linear process of steps to go through. It’s been so much more comprehensive than I thought it was going to be going into it.”

– Lauren Pass Erickson

“I started to recognize results, see what was really working, start to figure out how to do what I love in the world, and build livelihood at the same time – which is really important to find that balance.

– Jen Kilgore

“By year 3, I was like ‘Hmm, I gotta do something. I have to make some changes.’ Then I found TPA. Saved my life.

– Susan Baumann

“I’ve just started to accept new clients…and just, you know, within a week of saying, ‘Ok, I’m ready for new clients,’ I was full.”

– Tracy Bovino

“I am able to have the sort of autonomy that I’ve been craving my whole career, which gives me more time to exercise, whatever it is that I need at that time – I have the freedom and the autonomy to do that.

– Leslie Bennett

“I think the key is if you’re not gonna take insurance, you really do need some really good structure, or if you’re not gonna be on a platform, where they’ll do all your work for you basically, you need to know what the steps are. … It was step by step, and TPA really did walk me through it, so I’m really grateful.

– Deb Watt

It felt very personal. You guys just have a real wonderful knack for that personal connection. Which is so parallel to what we as therapists do.”

– Steve Irsay

Client Celebrations!

“Ten months later, I have clients now in Washington DC, Maryland, Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, California, and growing… Being surrounded by a team that only wants you to become the best version of yourself is one of the best things TPA does.”

– Lesleigh Tolin

“Private practice is a very lonely thing – you’re going out on your own. So I think I’ve learned from this experience that if you don’t have a team behind you, it could go either direction. Having a team is so important, and that’s what TPA has brought for me.”

– Joshua Greep

“The testimonials really drew me in. I read them – not just 1 or 2. I was reading testimony after testimony.

– Michael McGinnis

TPA has allowed me to do things differently than what I was doing and helped me get to where I wanted to be.”

– Christine Frampus

“I was successful with the program because it’s all laid out and I just did what you told me to do.

– Kevala Keller

“Now I just have inquiries coming every week from parents who want help with their children. The best thing about it is they really are ideal clients – wonderful clients that I love working with.”

– Jennifer Paget

“Prior to TPA, I was easily working 70 hours every week. It was actually taking away from my relationship with my son. So getting to a point where I was bringing in enough money for my home… It changed my life.

– Christina Cummins

“I had tried everything. I had gotten eBooks; I had signed up for little training programs… and I was getting nowhere. Since working with TPA, my practice is full, and they are all full rates, no insurance, and they are the ideal clients that I wanted.

– Joslin Chidester

“The thing that most spoke to me about TPA is the energy of coming from a place of real authenticity of knowing what it’s like to be a therapist. Of wanting to figure out how to share what we do and connect with others – not market; not advertise. It was the best of both worlds.

– Michael Alcee

“My practice was full and bursting at the seams, but it was about 90% insurance clients. I just was not getting paid what I was worth.”

– Alison Hawkinson

“Your college education to learn how to be a therapist teaches you zero about being a business owner. And I was very lost in being a business owner. All of the interactions and support that I’ve received from TPA has been the best thing.

– Philip Rogers

Let us help you triple, quadruple, or even 10x your client base – while equipping you with the tools and skills required to grow a therapy practice in the 21st century.


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