Why a winning Writer’s Choice page can make all the difference in bringing you more ideal clients.

What’s on your mind? Sticking in your craw? Screaming to get out to the world?

Time to get out the cleaning supplies, paint, and bunting and get the old soapbox in tip-top shape – because your Writer’s Choice page is exactly the place to get it all out there.

Don’t forget that your website is like a prism pointing back to the same center: the genuine essence of you, your expertise, your practice, and your ideal clients.

Every facet has a purpose and – like the Home, About, FAQ, and Specialties and Services – a specific job.

The Writer’s Choice page lets you express what’s important, even vital, to your clients but doesn’t quite fit anywhere else!

It’s a chance to see you from a new angle or perspective. So,…what’s the word?

Every client is an individual. While one may decide to reach out after reading your Home page, another may resonate with your About page, or yet another may find that connection somewhere else.

The Writer’s Choice page allows you an additional way to reach the people you really want to work with!

They’re individual, and so are you. Everything we’ve done on your site so far will offer your clients a truly engaging and fresh approach, but it honors the fundamentals, the traditional expectations of website visitors.

If you have a special message that’s particularly relevant for those who need you most, we want to take time for that.

The Writer’s Choice page is a content-rich interior page that lets you design and shine – your way.

When done well, this page can be the ultimate deciding factor in bringing your ideal client to you.

But don’t worry! We’re not going to leave you in the cold about getting started. We’ll show you how to develop a central aspect of your work by engaging your readers with even more detail. 

Here’s a tip: try starting with a central aspect of your work.

Reveal something new about your client’s challenges prior to reaching out – something to reassure them even more fully that you honestly do get it. You know where they’ve been and can reach them where they are.

Or how about more engaging details about your approach – what they can expect when they work with you – but with even more detail?

If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to have a successful Writer’s Choice page, we’d love to chat.

Book a call with one of our practice growth experts today.

Let us personally help you triple, quadruple, or even 10x your client base – while equipping you with the tools and skills required to grow a therapy practice in the 21st century.


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